What is a Test Tube baby - All you need to know

What is a Test Tube baby – All you need to know

There are many couples out there who find it difficult to conceive a baby. In a normal pregnancy, a male sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell from a woman. After fertilization, the fertilized egg gets attached to the wall of the uterus and starts to develop into a baby. But in some cases sperm cells? fail to fertilize the egg and the embryo will not be formed and pregnancy will not be happening. Well, there are many reasons behind this problem.
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IVF Laws in India

IVF Rules and Guidelines in India

Currently, almost all the clinics in India follow laws established by the IMA (International Medical Society). Every state in India has its legal approach and method to treat and handle this. Though the rules of the IVF center are still on the discussion mode in India, the Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill, commonly known as ART was drafted back in 2010. This law is drafted to protect the dark area of infertility treatment. The bill has been a guideline for ART clinics.
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Chances of IVF Success

Chances of success with IVF

Today many techniques are available which detects your chances of getting pregnant with IVF or Vitro Fertilization. These techniques can help you decide whether to start your family via IVF treatment. Many people think that the rate if IVF below 50% is poor and above 80% is excellent. But it’s a fact that even a young and fertile couple has just 15-20% chance of starting a family naturally that too in any one month.
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