Gamete Donation

Oocyte donation (OD) is defined as the assisted reproduction technique (ART) in which the female gamete is provided by a different woman than the one who will receive it or the resulting embryo.


Oocyte donation (OD) is defined as the assisted reproduction technique (ART) in which the female gamete is provided by different woman than the one who will receive it or the resulting embryo.

Indications Oocyte Donner

  • Ovarian agenesis, Primary ovarian failure (Swyer syndrome, Turner syndrome).
  • Age related Declined ovarian Reserve.
  • Premature ovarian failure (Secondary)
    – Radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
    – Surgical removal of ovary.
  • Multiple IVF failures.
  • Chromosomal abnormility in Karyotype of the woman.
  • H/o initial chromosomally abnormal children.
  • Unaccesible ovaries for ovum pick up, Severe adhesion Pelvic disease.
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss.

Donated oocyte can have different origins:

  • Woman willing to donate their oocyte in an altruistic way,
  • Patient with high response to gonadotropin stimulation for in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Who donate part of the recovered oocyte:

  • Donation must be anonymous and lacking of any lucrative or commercial character.
  • Age of oocyte donors is limited to be between 18 and 35 year old.
  • Oocyte donors must be on healthy physical and psychological condition. They must not have any of personal or familial background of
    genetically transmittable diseases.
  • All woman willing to donate their oocyte must have negative blood evaluation of syphilis, toxoplasma, rubella, Chlamydia ,CMV, hepatitis B
    and C & HIV
  • It is the responsibility of the institution to match donor’s and group’s, phenotype, and physical characteristic in general.


Requirement for an Oocty

  1. The individual must be free of HIV and hepatitis B and C infections , hypertension, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases & identifiable and common genetic disorder such as thalassemia.
  2. The blood group and the Rh status of the individual must be determined and placed on record.
  3. Other relevant information in respect of the donor, such as height, weight, age, and family background in respect of history of any familial
    disorder, must be recorded in an appropriate Proforma.
  4. The age of the donor must be less than 21 or more than 35 years.

Indications of Donor Sperm:

  • Non- obstructive Azoospermia
  • Recurrent IVF Failures due to bad quality
  • Chances of transmission of Genetic abnormality is very high
  • Infectious disease in male.
  • Single mother desirous of child
  • Homo sexual desirous of child
  • Severe RH ioimmiunization.
  • Servere Oligo asthenospermia, not affording to undergo ICSI.

Requirement for an Sperm Donor

  1. The individual must be free of HIV and hepatitis B and C infections,hypertension,diabetes,sexually transmitted diseases, identifiable and common genetic disorders such as thalassemia.
  2. The age of donor must not be below 21 or above 45 years.
  3. An analysis must be carried out on the semen of the individual,preferably using a semen analyzer, and the semen must be found to be normal according to WHO method manual for semen analysis,if intended to be used for ART.
  4. The blood group and the Rh status of the individual must be determined and placed on record.
  5. Other relevant information in respect of the donor, such as height,weight,age,educational qualifications,profession,color of
    the skin and the eyes,record of major diseases including any psychiatric disorder,and the family background in respect of
    history of any familial disorder,must be recorded In an appropriate proforma.