Male Fertility Treatment Options

When a couple is having trouble in conceiving, infertility in either person may be the cause for the issue. There are many options available to treat the condition effectively. Here, we will look at the most commonly used techniques for males who might be suffering from infertility.


Home Remedies:

  1. Increasing Frequency of Intercourse: Starting from a time 4 days before ovulation which is in the middle of the menstrual cycle between periods, intercourse every day or on alternate days can increase the chances of pregnancy.
  2. Avoid Lubricants: Most lubricants can hinder the sperm from moving and functioning as they should. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid their use altogether. However, if you must, consult your doctor about lubricants that are sperm-safe.


Alternative Medicine:

Supplements and herbs usually do not have any reliable scientific evidence with regards to their efficiency in treating male infertility. If you are thinking of using any such herbal medications or supplements, consult your doctor first, so that you become aware of the benefits or risks of taking such a course.


Conventional Medicine:

  1. Surgery: In case of blockages in the reproductive system, surgery for issues such as varicocele, or obstructions in the testicular area, to restore the organs to their intended functions. Alternatively, some surgeries work to extract sperm directly from the testicles, to assist artificial reproduction procedures.
  2. Treatment for Infections: Sometimes, when a viral or bacterial infection has infected the reproductive system, infertility may occur. In such cases, doctors might prescribe a course of antibiotics. However, it is essential to know that while the infection will be treated, in some cases, fertility may not recover.
  3. Medication and counselling: when done by experts a combination of medicine and counselling can help in problems like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.
  4. Hormone Injections: In cases where infertility is caused due to low levels of hormones or imbalances in how hormones are utilized, prescribed injections come in use.
  5. Assisted Reproductive Technology: Techniques which use the extraction of health sperm through regular ejaculation, surgery or donors are included in ART. The obtained sperm are used for in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or directly into the female genital tract.


In rare cases, the treatment of infertility in males may not be possible to cure. Here, the doctor may suggest the use of sperm donors, or the process of adoption as an alternative. With the guidance of experts in assisted reproduction like Nirmiti Clinic, you will be able to avail proven procedures that highly increase the likelihood of conception.  So now what you are waiting for, this is the best time to reignite the dream of parenthood.

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