Infertility Causes in Females

Infertility in Females

Symptoms Causes and Prevention of Infertility in Females Across the globe around 18% of couples struggle from problems of infertility. Out of all these cases one-third are due to infertility in females and one-third due to infertility in males. The remaining cases are either due to a combination of issues in both males and females or else due to unknown causes. Here, we take a closer look at the causes and symptoms of infertility in females along with the most effective methods of prevention.
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Environmental & Lifestyle Causes of Male Infertility

Environmental and Lifestyle Causes for Infertility in Males

With the fast paced changes that humans are making to our world, our lives are filled with technologies that are making convenience a very common aspect of our lives. At the same time, this change in our lifestyle as well as the pollutants that arise as a by-product are also altering our body adversely, affecting vital functions such as respiration, blood circulation, reproduction etc.
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